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Apr 19 2009

Lotro Book 7 Patch 2 Discussion

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Patch 2 goes live Tuesday April 21

The LOTRO game servers will be brought down on Tuesday April 21 from 6:00AM – 12:00PM Eastern (-4 GMT) for an update to the game.
What about the Lothlorien reputation crafted item recipe crit trophies? Are they being added during the patch also? Or will they come in the next patch?
They are not in patch 2.

Lothlorien gift boxes never worked as intended, even on Bullroarer, if so is it possible to know what is their proper function?
They’re serving their ‘function’ but their loot table is wrong. On bullroarer they were too generous and on live they’re a bit stingy. I think the goal is something in between.

We won’t be able to run the “crafting” instances repeatedly anymore?

  • We won’t be able to run the “crafting” instances repeatedly anymore? This change is far from pointless. The unexpected and rapid instance recycling that was occurring within the Resource Instances was a partial contributor to some of our server performance woes since Book 7’s launch. My assumption in regards to how our instances reset and the reality of how they reset were at odds. The content was quite popular but it’s popularity led to unanticipated side effects. This change is being implemented to help address those side effects. Yes – it is frustrating and saddening that changes had to be made to content that many people were enjoying but those changes were made to help ensure the stability of the game. One aspect of these changes, which does not appear to be included in the patch notes is that the Kill Boss quests are exclusive. This means that you will only be able to have one of the six active at a given time. The quests will be versioned and should be removed from your Quest log when you log in after the patch. (Scenario)
  • The turtle raid you already know is coming next week. As for any actions taken. We do not discuss diciplinary actions. Ever.
  • Gift Boxes. Despite some opinions to the contrary these haven’t been dropping the correct items from day one. Even on Bullroarer (especially on Bullroarer) they had the wrong loot. Like a slot machine always set to pay max winnings. So while it was great loot, it was still broken (broken in your favor is still broken). The live boxes are also not dropping the correct loot. The question of when will they be fixed is one of priorities. Right now the number one priority of every member of the team is returning the game servers to a reliable and stable state. We know the gift boxes are important to you and we will address them as soon as we get the stability issue under control. But I think everyone would agree that server stability is of higher priority. Imagine if we had fixed them and you got the loot you wanted only to lose it in a roll back due to server issues.  (Sapience)

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