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Jun 15 2009

Lotro Fellowship Maneuver Stun

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In order to address consistency concerns with Lotro combat states, Turbine has created a new combat state called Fellowship Maneuver Stun. This combat state will appear as a stunned state with its own unique icon. This was done in order to both reduce confusion about various combat states and the immunities that go with them.

Even amongst the forums today people are still asking what is a knockdown, stun, daze, knockout or a Fellowship Maneuver starting event. In order to reduce this visual / game system questions about this, Turbine has standardized this combat state. Every player skill or ability that can start a Fellowship Maneuver will do so via this combat state. Over the coming months Turbine’ll be converting all skills to use this state that start Fellowship Maneuvers.

Current Combat States are: Fellowship Maneuver Stun, Stunned, Dazed, Knockdown, Knockout, Rooted, Fear and Full Immobilize

What this means for you:

  • Turbine will not be removing any class abilities that Fellowship Maneuvers, only standardizing the Fellowship Maneuver Stun state with those skills.
  • It will be clearer to players about what starts Fellowship Maneuver vs. random knockdowns animations; it will be Fellowship Maneuver Stun and nothing else.
  • It also means Turbine can use knockdown and knockout animations for other skills without generating confusion.
  • Monster AI’s that initiate conjunctions will be as they were designed, intentionally difficult.
  • It means in PVMP if a player manages to initiate a Fellowship/Warband Maneuver it will be deadly as there are few things that can stop it.


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