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Jun 25 2009

Summer Festival coming to Middle-Earth

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Fishing, dancing and fireworks will all return this year along with two new events!

Festival content has slowly been spreading out across the countryside and simply going to the Party Tree would not ensure that players knew about fishing in Bywater or the new event upon The Hill. To help steer you in the right direction, a formal party invitation will be sent to your mail box. Turning it in grants you a Summer Festival Guide, Inn League Reputation Guide and a Fishing Guide. Just in case you’re not acquainted with the fishing system, or have forgotten. You’ll also receive a complimentary gift for your patronage of the party across Middle-earth! Also new Summer Festival Items are waiting for you.

The Keg-races at Thorin’s Hall

The dwarves of Thorin’s Halls are well prepared for the rigourous Keg-races that will take place this summer in Frerin’s Court. The four contestants all have a great deal of experience with running about in pursuit of the next mug…and naturally with downing that mug as well.


Kolmar is a favourite patron at the Inn, and many a dwarf has marveled at his rather vigourous enjoyment of fine beers in great quantity. The innkeeper, while very grateful for the steady flow of coin into his purse, has been heard grumbling at times about how difficult it is to keep such a thirsty dwarf well-supplied.


Lar, the fairest-haired of all the contestants, is revered first and foremost for his outstanding appearance. His burly arms, muscular legs, and flowing golden beard make him a good-looking candidate, to say the least. For what could a dwarf need to win a keg-race besides two great strong arms with which to lift a mug, and a pair of excellent legs to boot? Lar is usually present at every social gathering from Gondamon to Thorin’s Hall. Ever popular for his charm, he is regularly supplied with a constant provision of brew. Free of charge, naturally!

Signar’s flaming red hair is very visible against the snows of Frerin’s Court. His hobbies include drinking, racing, and knocking out any who stare impolitely at his red locks. Signar’s fervour matches his fiery mane, but does it lend him speed? This hotheaded dwarf will stop at nothing to best his competitors with their tresses so dull.


Ottó, an adventurous resident of Thorin’s Hall, is newly-returned from a long expedition. In truth it was rather a short expedition – he meant it to be long, certainly, and hoped that his path would take him beyond the Hollin Gate for a reunion with Brogur and Bósi’s folk. He was, however, hopelessly diverted from his goals the moment he set foot in Needlehole. He spent the better part of a year sampling, and happily drowning in, the finest and most excellent brews of the whole Shire. His rigourous training routine of drinking great quantities of beer and travelling from inn to inn has made him a favourite in the Keg-racing competition this summer.

The Taste of Hobbiton

To the north of Hobbiton’s center, up beyond the party tree, another party of extraordinary magnificence is taking place. The very best cooks throughout the Shire have contributed samples of their favourite vittles for the most exciting event of the year: The Taste of Hobbiton! The four fastest and hungriest hobbits in the Shire have been chosen to compete in a race to taste it all. The winner, and his family of course, will have the great honour of proving their hearty appetite and speedy legs to be second to none!

The participating hobbits have been chosen for their renowned insatiable appetites as well as their uncommon energy, especially when in pursuit of a bite to eat. While most halflings can be found happily dozing after a few round meals, these four have made quite the reputation for themselves for actively pursuing several meals more.

Daffodilly Hayward

Daffodilly Hayward is famous in Frogmorton for her excessive love of pie. She has developed a bit of a rascally reputation amongst friends and family for some sly pie-filching or “Window shopping” as she calls it. She has been known to walk great distances in the pursuit of her next meal; a most unusual trait for any Halfling. Like all of the contestants she’s known for taking more than her share at dinners and parties. While most hobbits are recovering pleasantly from their fourth helping, Daffodilly Hayward would shock her hosts by asking for a seventh.

Burdy Gamwich

Burdy Gamwich, champion eater of the Gamwich family, has travelled far to participate in the Taste of Hobbiton competition and win renown for his kin. A humble farmer in his tweens, Burdy is a hard worker and tirelessly ploughs the great vegetable fields of his family from dawn until dusk. He undoubtedly works up quite a hunger as he ploughs throughout the day, but his mother also ensures that he is given a bottomless supply of foodstuff to fuel him as he goes. Burdy is a master of eating on the fly and looks forward to the challenge of speed-sampling all the first-rate foods of the Shire.

Gladiola Chubb-Baggins

Gladiola Chubb-Baggins, Gladdy to her friends, was born and raised in Hobbiton and is generally considered to be a great local beauty. Her figure has been influenced by the many hearty meals bestowed upon her by the numerous gentlehobbits who court her, but rumour has it that she is yet to decide upon a suitable fellow. Though she will never admit it to those who pursue her, for generous encouragement is important in ensuring proper nourishment. Gladdy is not famed for her speed or energy, but it is widely known that Dodder Twofoot and Bando Brandybuck, coordinators of the Taste of Hobbiton, are both very much in love with this fair hobbit-lady, unbeknownst to each other.

Mudric Rumble

Mudric Rumble is known in his hometown of Bywater as the youngest hobbit to eat a full meal of solid food. At only two months of age, baby Mudric’s mother quickly realized that her child was not to be sated by milk alone. After draining a full pitcher of milk into her yawning child, she offered him a bite of lamb and was astounded as he proceeded to finish a whole rack followed by a potato and a full serving of buttered green peas. An hour later he ate three eggs, half a sausage, and a tea-cake! All witnessed by many astonished neighbours. Needless to say, this surprisingly excessive eating behaviour has continued as Mudric arrived at adulthood.

Festival Run Horse Races

Sadly, the horse races are currently disabled. But, they are under construction for future books. We hope to reintroduce them in upcoming festivals with several significant improvements and changes. While I am very sorry to miss the Festival Run this summer, the festival run token is still being offered as a reward to those who can generate a sizeable quantity of barter tokens. This means the Lithe horse and pony will still be available to those who look forward to owning this eye-catching mount.

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