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Mar 27 2009

Tag! You’re it!

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The festival grounds in northern Bree-land play host to the many seasonal festivals celebrated in Middle-earth. Well-traveled adventurers know the fun doesn’t stop in Bree-land when the vendors strike their tents after seasonal festivals. The ancient ruins to the southwest of the festival grounds play host to games year round!



Tad Hollyway can be found just inside the first set of ruins just slightly to the south and west of the Bree-land Festival grounds, manning the Tag marker (25.6s, 50.9w). Speak to him to start the game. The first player to touch the marker will become “It.” All other adventurers inside the ruins are fair game. How long can you avoid being tagged and made It?

If a player steps past the entrance arch they are removed from the game and are ”safe” – no one can tag them. If the person who is It steps out of the arch, the game ends and a new player must click the marker to start the game again.

For those looking to mix up the classic game of Tag, why not try Keep Away? Instead of the person who is It trying to tag another person as quickly as possible, the game becomes a challenge to remain It as long as possible instead!

If you’re really looking to mix things up, be creative! You have a horse, right? Try Tag on horseback!

Freeze Tag

Tag a bit too tame for you? Just beyond the Tag ruins, you’ll find another set of ruins. Biddy Dogwort can be found to the back side of these, just inside the arch. Speak to her and learn the rules of Freeze Tag. The person who clicks the marker (26.15s, 49.7w) will be It, and everyone inside the ruins is a target. When the It player touches you you’ll be frozen in place. Once all players are frozen the game will announce that the It player has won, and rest. But don’t despair if It seems to be winning! You can unfreeze a frozen teammate by standing next to them for 3 seconds. Keep a sharp eye out though, as players standing in one place too long risk becoming a target themselves! And unlike normal tag, you can play in three dimensions. Sometimes the battlements are safer than the ground.

As with regular tag, leaving the play zone removes you from the action, though you can still watch!

So now that you know the secret in the ruins, why not create your own mini-festival? Grab some friends, set up a Freeze Tag ladder and see who comes out on top!

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