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Hedge Maze Guide

Tony – MMeOw has made an excellent guide about Hedge Maze as a part of the Lotro Spring Festival. There are 5 different quest givers, all of which want you to do something different within the maze and one of the possible prizes you can get is the fish slap emote, /fishslap. Also you can decorate your garden with a new garden dwarf or hobbit statue (screenshots made by zick).[PSGallery=jw2t10dmj6]

New flowers arrangement for your house

Few days ago we wrote about new Lothlorien reputation items for your house. During Lotro Spring Festival you have a chance to get new horse, different recipes, crazy keg that will left you pantless somewhere in Middle Earth and also Amaranth, Bloodwort, Bluebottle, Elder, Iris, Lily or Saffron arrangement as a new furniture for your house. Take a look at our gallery and decide which one you like the most.


Tag! You’re it!

The festival grounds in northern Bree-land play host to the many seasonal festivals celebrated in Middle-earth. Well-traveled adventurers know the fun doesn’t stop in Bree-land when the vendors strike their tents after seasonal festivals. The ancient ruins to the southwest of the festival grounds play host to games year round!


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Lotro Spring Festival 2009

This Spring Festival will feature all of the games and good cheer that have been present in the past, but this year brings a sizeable new landmark to the festival grounds in the Horsefields, courtesy of a very talented gardener on the World Team. If you are new to the game or unfamiliar with the festival content, try to make it to the Shire’s Greenfields for the Bullroarer celebrations, as well as the usual stomping grounds for our seasonal events: Hobbiton, Thorin’s Hall, Duillond, and the Horsefields.

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