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Mar 26 2009

Lothlorien reputation items

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With Book 7 players have a chance to purchase new housing items that can be found in Lothlorien. Unfortunately some of them are bugged, especially Lorien Battle Standard. When you place it at your house it looks like a fireworks launcher and when you click on it, it says that this object does nothing.


From Cirin Amroth (Aquaintance)

  1. Lorien Lantern Post
  2. Lorien Trellis

From Caras Galadhon (Friend)

  1. Lorien Garden Gate
  2. Lorien Statue
  3. Lorien Lamp

A Lorien Lamp, a Large Yard item can be acquired from a barter vendor inside Caras Galadhon for 25 Silver Branches. There’s also a Lorien (garden) Bench, but we don’t have a screenshot yet.


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