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Gurvand 2.0 Hard Mode Lotro Walkthrough

Gurvand is a nice challenge now and even the raiding kins have to bring their (A) game to the fight. I’m sure there are many ways to beat Gurvand to a bloody pulp, but I’m just going to post the way my fellow kinsmen in Animus and I fight him. Gurvand is 63 level Nemesis (Ancient Evil).


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Lotro Spring Festival 2009

This Spring Festival will feature all of the games and good cheer that have been present in the past, but this year brings a sizeable new landmark to the festival grounds in the Horsefields, courtesy of a very talented gardener on the World Team. If you are new to the game or unfamiliar with the festival content, try to make it to the Shire’s Greenfields for the Bullroarer celebrations, as well as the usual stomping grounds for our seasonal events: Hobbiton, Thorin’s Hall, Duillond, and the Horsefields.

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The Battle of Lorien

The main idea of this guide is to introduce players with some of the new things from the latest update. In fact, one of the challenges you as a player must face will be proving to the Galadhrim that you yourself are not a danger to the Golden Wood.

The Trust of the Galadhrim

How then can you gain safe passage beneath the leaves of Lothlórien? There are several ways you can prove yourself to the Elves and gain limited access to Lórien.
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Book 7 Crafting Instances

Book 7 Crafting Instances
by KatashiTakishiro

To start off there are 6 crafting instances separated in pairs of 2, {based on the crafting materials you can get} in 3 different location in Moria. I myself was confused how this worked at first but I figured it out with a bit of trial & error!
At each pair of crafting instances there are 3 NPCs. Two have 3 quests each for the door/instance they’re standing next too as well as the Barter screen {on the left} you’ll see below in the 1st image! Each quest you successfully complete will reward you with 1 [Iron Garrison Resource Token]! Overall; you can earn 3 {IGRTs} from each of the 6 CIs for a total of 18 every 24 hrs.

The 3rd NPC only has the Barter screen {on the right} of which you can trade 3 [Iron Garrison Resource Tokens] in for 1 [Lothlorien Gold Leaf] {Which are exceptionally valuable!} If you choose to trade the IGRTs in from each CI, you can earn a total of 6 [Lothlorien Gold Leaf] every 24 hrs.

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