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Hedge Maze Guide

Tony – MMeOw has made an excellent guide about Hedge Maze as a part of the Lotro Spring Festival. There are 5 different quest givers, all of which want you to do something different within the maze and one of the possible prizes you can get is the fish slap emote, /fishslap. Also you can decorate your garden with a new garden dwarf or hobbit statue (screenshots made by zick).[PSGallery=jw2t10dmj6]

New flowers arrangement for your house

Few days ago we wrote about new Lothlorien reputation items for your house. During Lotro Spring Festival you have a chance to get new horse, different recipes, crazy keg that will left you pantless somewhere in Middle Earth and also Amaranth, Bloodwort, Bluebottle, Elder, Iris, Lily or Saffron arrangement as a new furniture for your house. Take a look at our gallery and decide which one you like the most.