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Mar 18 2009

Volume 2, Book 7 Known Issues

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The latest free content update, Volume II, Book 7: Leaves of Lorien is live! In Volume II: Book 7: Leaves of Lorien, you are called upon to enter the enchanted lands sheltered beneath the shimmering leaves of the ancient forest Lothlórien.

You should also take a look at Volume 2, Book 7 Known Issues:

Quest Guide (BETA)

PLEASE NOTE: The Quest Guide feature is being released as BETA and will be turned off by default. If you would like to check it out, it can be enabled in your Options panel. We welcome bug reports and feedback on this new feature!

  • There are numerous quests that do not currently display objectives correctly with Quest Guide

Turbine Download Manager (TDM)

  • If a player who has not fully downloaded the game enters the final newbie instance with someone who has, they will not be able to obtain the novice trait and the character will be broken.
  • The download Icon is a Grey Square while downloading the full game.

Auction House

  • Legendary Items – Kinship Only auction text will overlap legacy rune graphics.
  • Warden – No Class Item filter for Carvings.

New Player Experience

  • Archet – Mailbox icon appears on the radar for a mailbox that isn’t there.
  • Thorin’s Gate – Quest – “Intro: Plague Among the Trees” – No progress counter for the number of insects being defeated.
  • Thorin’s Gate – Quest – “Intro: Silver-lined Cure” – Nestadalas-fronds don’t sparkle.



  • “The Vigil” – Quest text still suggests that you have to do this quest at night, even though you can now do it in the day-time.
  • Celondim
  • “At the Behest of Cardavor” – Directions need updating for new starting point.
  • The Consignment: Valuable Ore quest does not have the valuable ore chest to get valuable ore out of, which makes this quest … well, not very valuable. (added 3/17)

Epic Story line

  • Volume 1, Book 2, Chapter 8 – Instance: Red-pass – Radagast does not attack when he is being attacked.
  • Volume 2, Book 7, Chapter 5 – “The Wilting Rot” – Potion rewards given are not the correct level.
  • Volume 2, Book 7, Chapter 8 – Zurr-Thurkh – Huge waterfalls make no sound.
  • Volume 2: Book 7: Chapter 4: A Tense Alliance – Part of this quest requires players to speak to Ovar; however, due to a split in the space-time continuum there are two Ovars. Please speak to good Ovar (standing next to Corunothiel) in Buzun-ghar to advance the quest, rather than his evil twin in Hadudbab.


  • Dwaling’s Plight” – White sand mounds don’t sparkle.
  • “Hobgoblin’s Recipe” – Torch items needed for the quest don’t sparkle.


  • “Hobble the Leadership” – At times the Orc-emissary at Athmadhul will not count towards quest completion.
  • “Mourning Mithrandir” – When player performs the /look emote there is no feedback explaining what has happened.

North Downs

  • “Played-out” – Mining Records for the quest do not flash or have sparkles.
  • Moria
  • Zelem-melek – “A Stinging Blow” – The quest text directs you to kill Moria Orcs when you should actually kill White Hand Orcs.



  • Mischievous Glee – Disable Gambit debuff’s tooltip doesn’t properly describe its effect.
  • Mischief-maker trait bonus “+5s Trick Duration” is not working unless Mischief is active.
  • Little Annoyances, Dealings Done, & Practiced Bluff – Irrelevant “-360 Cooldown” modifiers can be found on the Legendary Traits’ tooltips.


  • Song of Aid – Animation does not complete properly for Race of Man Females. The instrument remains in-hand.


  • Improved Swift Bow – Using a crossbow and fire oil with Improved Swift Bow makes it appear as if all the arrows are not being fired.


  • Male Hobbits, while using Ambush, will raise their Javelins over their heads for a split second.
  • If the Defiant Challenge trait is earned and not equipped, it is still allowed as a valid Gambit combination, but will fail when trying to perform it.


  • All Enamel and Inlay items currently share the same icon.
  • Calming Verse – String Table Error will appear in the tooltip when the Linnod of Subtlety trait is slotted.
  • Conflagration of Runes – Trait is not lowering the cooldown of Fiery Ridicule as intended.
  • When nearing Neutral attunement, the use of Prelude to Hope can sometimes cause one Battle attunement step to be allocated rather than a Heal attunement step.

Monster Play

  • Uruks and Orcs have issues with their weapons disappearing at times in battle.


  • Lothlórien – Echad Andestel – Forge-master has no Forge.
  • Lothlórien – Vineyards of Lórien – The Superior Forge does not function as a regular Forge.
  • Switching vocations to a new Vocation after reaching Supreme proficency, then back to your old Vocation, will not allow you to acquire Supreme proficiency again.
  • The Crafting Panel’s Make Amount counter will reset to 0 after creating an item.
  • Thorin’s Hall – The Forging Hall – Icons indicating where the Superior Forges are located do not appear on the Radar or Map.


  • Gold-fire Pipe-weed should be a cross-breed recipe.


Annúminas Instances

  • Barad Tironn & Glinghant – Instance areas will appear pitch black with Ambient Lighting slider set to Default.
  • Tombs – Crypt Invoker can summon his minions inside of the walls, leaving the player stuck in combat.

Lothlórien – The Battle for Lórien

  • When Belvagor attacks with his bow the string stretches onto an odd looking black line.
  • Legendary Sentinel’s Challenge – Killing Grakamab after already killing Narshpug will cause the Quest Journal to clear objectives other than “Defeat Grakamab”.
  • Sentinel’s Challenge – Quest will continue counting down even if the instance is failed.

Moria Instances

Fil Gashan

  • “Disabling Alarms” – Alarms near Commander Greb are not properly counting towards quest completion.

The Forgotten Treasury

  • “Know Thine Enemy” quest does not seem completable in a single run of the instance.

The Sixteenth Hall

  • “The Vile Infected” – Quest does not seem completable in a single run of the instance.
  • The Lost One does not seem to be summoning disease-spreading mushrooms or adds as intended. Apparently he lost them.

Vile Maw

  • In Stage 3, the Watcher will tend to display some odd plunging animations.

User Interface

  • There is no Filter to select Monstery Play keeps in the Ettenmoors.
  • Heavy fog will appear to render over all interface elements.
  • Having “Always Loot All” enabled will not allow the Quest Starter alert to pop up.


  • /sing emote has no sound.


  • The swing animations for some fat Orcs do not properly line up with the damage they deal.
  • Race of Man Female – Moor Cowbell does not appear to be held properly.


  • Some areas of Redhorn Lodes may experience ground textures not loading properly and appearing black.
  • Monsters – Moria – Waterworks – Fell Glass-spiders can appear invisible on High Material Detail settings.
  • Moria – Zelem-melek – Hall of Flowing Water – Waterfalls produce no sound.
  • Filikul – DirectX 10 – Waterfalls inside instance do not appear correctly.
  • Filikul – Music and proper ambient sound isn’t playing within the instance.


  • Some doors do not have proper physics on them.
  • Lothlorien Reputation traders do not each have unique names yet.
  • Bult-kar and Mekeb-farak Mini maps and zone maps are not fitting properly in the radar and zone map, hourglass visible.
  • Cerin Amroth – Frodo remarks that Pippin is sleeping down the hill, but he is actually in Caras Galadhon.

Thorin’s Hall and Blue Stone Garrison

  • Very strange shadows and lighting issues can present themselves here on Very High and Ultra High graphical settings.

The Shire

  • The Quarry – Greenfields Biter does not path correctly unless you are in melee range.


  • Gwathnor’s Doom shoulders causes a drinking sound to be heard when a debuff is removed.
  • Keys you’ve already obtained and applied on your Key Ring can still be rolled for.
  • Many of the Lothlorien barter wrist, ring, and earring items all share the same icon.
  • The Shield ‘Heyew-turas’ is held upside-down.
  • When a legendary item is deconstructed at the item’s level cap, all relics will be returned to the player. Deconstructing an item at maximum level currently does not communicate this. (added 3/17)

Spring Festival

  • The accomplishment for the deed ‘Brighter Days’ incorrectly appears under the Class accomplishment tab.


  • The Stable-master in Combe cannot swift-travel to Michel Delving. Out of spite he has denied you the ability as well.


The vignette video for Volume II: Book 7 is not an available option from “Movie Library” in Character Select. This movie will play as you complete Volume II: Book7.

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