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Jun 23 2009

Volume II, Book 8 Known Issues

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The Following are the known issues for Volume II, Book 8.

User Interface

  • Heavy fog will appear to render over all interface elements.


  • Players may be offered craft mastery quests they have previously completed. This is a display issue, your crafting mastery has not been impacted. Repeating the quest does not grant any additional proficiency.


  • “Robe of the Stone-reader’s Apprentice” & “Rhymer’s Robe” are slightly more powerful than intended and will be adjusted in an upcoming patch.


  • Barad Gularan – Forvengwath’s summons are summoning closer to Forvengwath than intended, making it difficult to kill them before they heal him.


  • A Ring Wandered Away – Quest billboard text regarding obtaining a certain ring displays its message at an incorrect time.


  • “Fair Trade with Bree” – Quest directions reference Grimbriar’s old location, he has been moved to outside of Bree’s west gate.
  • Lonelands
  • Retake Weathertop – If Rigul is killed too quickly, by higher level players, the encounter will break.


  • Travel Route – Dolven-View to Anazamekhem, the goat gets stuck on a wall in Zelem Melek

Bounty Quests

  • These quests still appear as if they were available after the 3-time limit is reached, but are actually not acceptable.

Volume 1 Book 1 Chapter 1: Unraveling the Thread

  • Torthann will pause at unexpected intervals during your escort of him.

Summer Festival

  • Racing Quests – If you log out before turning in the completed quest, you will fail the quest. (This is intentional)



  • Ergoth in the Mirrored halls instance may sometimes become unattackable.

Halls of Crafting

  • Some creatures are not giving Lothlorien reputation as they should be.

Dâr Narbugud

  • Zholuga’s 1 hour bufss will occasionally not dispel correctly.
  • To resolve the issue run out of the previous chamber and then reenter Zholuga’s champer. The effect will be reset.


  • Traits – Cleansing Fires Trait Line is not decreasing power cost on skills.


  • Legendary Items- Ranged Skill Block Modifier and Ranged Skill Evade Modifier Legacies both have the same stats at tier 5 and tier 6.


  • Deep Strikes – Deep Strikes does not apply bleed on off-hand critical success from Relentless Strike

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