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Jun 01 2009

Smuggler Class

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New Swtor Class Smuggler

The Edge Magazine had an interview with James Ohlem, The Old Republic’s game director.

The game will be shown for the first time at E3 for 20-30 minutes including multiple worlds: Tython, Korriban, Ord Mantell. The big part of the demo is going to be showing a flashpoint: a one to two hour long story moment which is fully instanced and basically designed for group play, though you can also play solo.

Star wars is basically all about fighting it’s about Jedi vs Sith and huge war machine in the background. it has to be visceral and stylish, you have to be fighting multiple enemies, there has to be cinematic music in the background and all those things are important in making our game feel like a Star Wars game.

The latest character class is the Smuggler. Ord Mantell is a war-torn world and it’s where the Smuggler starts off, when his ship gets stolen. He’s pretty angry; imagine what Han Solo would’ve been like if the Millennium Falcon got taken.

Edge Magazine Bioware Interview on starwarsmmo.net

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