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Jul 12 2009

SWtor voice-over projects

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We want to voice all of the characters including all player characters.
…. You’re insane, completely insane, you know that don’t you?

A latest article from the official Star Wars: The Old Republic site brings us more details on how they plan to provide unique voices for all NPCs.

* The voice-over is being recorded in 5 different cities (so far); Los Angeles , London, New York, San Francisco, and Toronto
* By the time the project is finished, we will have worked with hundreds of actors – many on multiple occasions.
* The entire game ‘script’ contains approximately 40+ novels worth of content.
* One of the biggest challenges of the production: consistency in pronunciation across the whole project! You would be amazed at how many ways there are to say “Thul” or “Holo” Projector. An audio pronunciation guide sure has helped :).

More details on swtor.com


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