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Anti-Exploit Problems Update

We wrote about Anti-Exploit Problems few weeks ago. As we can see this problem still hasn’t been fixed.

Dingorfin has announced upcoming fix but you can try the following workarounds until a fix is available:

One culprit we have identified in the current rise in anti-exploit behavior is water. Adventuring around water can currently lead to increased anti-exploit behavior. Even passing through water on the way to much drier land can lead to this behavior.

If you find yourself encountering a monster in anti-exploit mode that seems like it shouldn’t be, you can try the following workarounds until a fix is available:

  1. If you are near water, position yourself so that your feet are at the water’s height (i.e. “sea level.”) Often the easiest way to do this is to approach the water’s edge or stand just inside the water. The monster may now exit anti-exploit mode and continue to pursue or attack you.
  2. If nearing the water’s edge is not feasible, logging out and back in again may clear the condition until you enter the water again.

These are only workarounds, and the underlying problem is being actively worked on. Also, these workarounds will not necessarily work for all cases of monsters in anti-exploit mode, but this should address many of the new cases.