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APB – new in game footage

All points Bulletin is not your regular MMO game. It provides you with a persistant world and cities sprawling with thousands of NPCs, and yes that all sounds like something we heard so many times before. The difference is it unleashes only 100 players onto each instance of these cities. 100 mean looking, weapon wielding, pimped out car driving, blood thirsty players. Starting to sound good now? It’s your good old Cops vs Robbers game, only they are called Enforcers and Criminals in the game’s world. It all sounds and looks very GTA-ish and that is no bad thing – GTA sold in, like, gazillions? I am interested in seeing how this turns out. The game is based on Unreal 3 engine and gives you and “only” 99 other people a playground to rob and fight and whatnot. This sandbox meets Massive Multiplayer might be a breath of fresh wind.

To see a video of extensive customization options, custom music options as well as fresh in game footage follow this link 🙂