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They Giveth And They Taketh Away

It’s amazing how a day of two can give you a new view on a given subject. What once was greeted with great anticipation and high hopes falls at the very first hurdle.   I’m thinking about Origin and the new wave of beta invites.     Firstly Origin, EA’s answer to Steam. I was […]

A look-back At E3

If this was any other convention other than E3 I would be kind of pleased with what we got from the show. But this is not just another convention, this is E3 the biggest and most anticipated show of the year.   Even though nothing was promised we expected a banquet of information. What we […]

Loot – Solo V Group

This is not just an opinion but a known fact, the best loot in-game should come from large group content END.   I could leave the statement like that and move on. But this is not my way, I will list pros and cons from both sides of the fence and push my hopes forward […]

Getting Things Done Before I Leave

Over the last few weeks, Real Life has come at me full blast. My full time job has sped up in what I am doing and how much of my time I have to get things done. My family has has done the same as the youngest now moves as fast as a Ewok on […]