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Cool Bounty Hunter is Cool

These class progression trailers are immense fun. They are one of the few things forum trolls do not hate or fuss much about, which just goes to prove my previous sentence. There was a big squeee in SWTOR Life virtual office because 80% of staff are planning to play Bounty Hunters at launch. SWTORCrafter even […]

K’oyacyi, Ner Vode!

Su cuy’gar, ner vode.  Ibi’tuur copaani miit’gaanar be kebi meg vut’yc par ni, bal balyc par an beroyase – Mando’ade bal val joha, Mando’a.  Still with me?  Fret not, for it shall all be made clear momentarily!   Those of you familiar with Karen Traviss’  “Republic Commando” series may have already had some exposure to […]

Dalqak Joins SWTOR Life – Force is Disturbed

Call me Serge the Hutt and be warned that SWTOR Life is my little criminal cartel. After all, I now have three Bounty Hunters present, shooting their articles at the world. That is right, the latest addition to our writer lineup is Dalqak, the Bounty Hunter. He will make a great addition to SWTORCrafter and […]