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Release Notes Volume 2 Book 8 Bullroarer Official Update

Welcome to The Lord of The Rings Online: Mines of Moria™ Book 8 Preliminary Release Notes Update 6/9/2009! Please be aware that these notes are for the Bullroarer test server ONLY and are not complete or final. They will be revised and updated when Book 8 goes live on the LOTRO servers in June. Enjoy!

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Lotro Bullroarer Dev Night

You have probably heard about Lotro Bullroarer Dev Night and prizes. If you have the same question like MataTahu: What’s on the menu for the evening activities? The answer is YOU 🙂

Mainly we’re trying to put as much heavy stress on the servers as possible. Our goal is to really put a hurtin’ on them so we need everyone who can spare the time to log in and give it a go. This is all about performance under load so the more load we get (that’s people logged in at the same time), the better the data will be. You will need to download and patch the Bullroarer client before Thursday.

If you remember back a few weeks when I said we were focusing on improving server stability? This is one of the pieces we’ve been looking at. First we had the changes to the game for stability and those went well. Now we’re taking this step and then we’ll take further game stability steps to make sure we’re back to providing as rock solid a service as we possibly can (and have in the past).

Bullroarer currently has the exact same player database it had when it was shut down prior to Book 7 (based on the Elendilmir database). So what ever state your character was in at that time, it should be exactly as you left it. You can, of course, make new characters.