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Lotro Quick Travel all over the Middle-earth

Yes I dream about level 35 and fabulous 4 gold and 220 silver that I’ll spend for my first precious horse. But until then, I will use a small help of my friends and travel all over the Middle-earth.

  1. My first best friend is hunter, I simply adore this guy. At level 14, my friend hunter gets a skill “Find the Path”. This skill increases all fellowship members’ run-speed by 15%. My friend can also teleport fellowship to a major towns using “Guide to Michel Delving”available at level 22, “Guide to Thorin’s Hall” available at level 26, “Guide to Bree” available at level 32, “Guide to Esteldin” available at level 38 and “Guide to Rivendell” available at level 46. But, it would be nice of you to by your best friend some traveling rations for these skills.
  2. My second best friend is captain. At level 40, captain learns a skill called “Summoning Horn Use”. This passive skill allows the captain to summon fellowship members to captain’s location. The summon will use 5 travel rations from the character being summoned (not the captain).

And of course I can always use my
Bree Horse – at level 25 (only for Gold Edition members)
Map home –
location selected with a Milestone, with a 1 hour cooldown,
Go Home
skill which allows me to travel instantly to my house (1-7 gold depending of whether I’m buying normal or deluxe house), also a 1 hour cooldown, and
Race Trait that teleports me to my race home area (elf to Rivendell, dwarf to Thorin’s Gate) at the cost of 1 traveling ratio

You should also check lotrolife.com horse guide, massively.com transportation guide and lotrolife.com gold edition guide for more travel details.