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New Champions Online Trailer on Gamespot

New Champions Online Nemesis Video Trailer is up on gamespot.com

Champions Online seems like it will be doing a lot of different things–and a lot of things that are different from what you’d expect from a traditional massively multiplayer game. The in-depth character appearance design, archvillain gameplay, and ongoing story quests should give comic-book fans plenty of stuff to enjoy, while the highly customizable character power system, customizable archvillains and henchmen, raiding, and PVP content should appeal to hardcore massively multiplayer fans. And the fast-paced, accessible combat should hopefully make the game appealing for just about anyone else. Champions Online should have plenty of colorful comic-book superhero action to offer when it launches later this year for the PC and the Xbox 360.

Champions Online release date


On an event that took place today in the UK in Cryptic studio’s HQ, Bill Roper (of Warcraft/Starcraft/Diablo fame back in Blizzard and most recently Hellgate:London debacle) announced that Champions Online, superhero MMORPG, will be released in the US and Europe on 14th July 2009. So get your pantyhose ready and prepare to kick some predictable villain’s ass. What, don’t tell me I’m the only one here keeping a spare pair of pantyhose? News spotted at StrategyInformer via ActionTrip.