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March 30th Community Q&A: A 1.2 Discussion

This week’s Community Q&A was all about the developers bringing players the answers to some of the most burning 1.2 questions they have come across, and boy did they deliver. This week’s article is chock full of all kinds of 1.2 goodness, including what has been my favorite response to a question since the Q&A […]

Crafting Changes in 1.2

One of the big announcements to come out of BioWare in recent weeks has to be the upcoming changes to the crafting system in game update 1.2. While the system itself has been generally well received, there have been some big issues with the current end-game viability of most of the skills. In order to […]

March 16th Community Q&A

After a short hiatus last week (due to the Guild Summit), the weekly Q&A session between developers and the community is back this week.   As you might expect there are more than a few questions about the game features discussed during the Guild Summit, including the chances of getting an in-combat revive for the […]

SWTOR Guild Summit Livestream Updates

The first official SWTOR GUild Summit officially kicks off today! As a special treat BioWare is going to be doing a livestream of today’s festivities starting at 10 am CST. Can’t catch the stream as it goes live? Don’t worry! We will be providing up to the minute details about the various reveals and facts […]