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Galaxy’s Most Wanted: Drusylla

This week’s Most Wanted comes to us from the Dark Side. A long-time WoW player who traded swords for lightsabers and bows for blasters, Drusylla will be a great member of the SWTOR community.   What is your name and/or handle? My handle is Drusylla. I’ve had it for over 12 years. Bonus points if […]

Balkan Force Guild Story

  When the Pre-Launch Guild Program was announced by Bioware it caused a largely positive response in the community. Bioware provided basic tools for people to organize themselves into guilds so when the game releases you are starting the adventure together with your friends. With tens of thousands of guilds being made within the first […]

Chimaera interviews Alexander Freed

He wrote the Imperial Agent story. He wrote Blood of the Empire and The Lost Suns comics. He is one of the nicest guys on the SWTOR writing team (lets face it, they are all cool). He was present at Paris Game Week this year and he talked to Guild Chimaera about SWTOR. For all […]