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Bioware! Swtor-Life.com is in Ur Base! (well, not yet but almost)

  As it is finally the 18th in my time zone, I can now officially announce that representation from   www.swtor-life.com will be going to Bioware headquarters in Austin, Texas to take part in an on site, fan site event held by Bioware. The event will start on the 24th and last through the 26th of […]

A glimpse into the numbers of people involved in Star Wars The Old Republic “game testing”, from James Ohlen

  In their latest interview from the PAX East convention of 2011, Darth Hater sat down with Bioware’s creative director, James Ohlen.   Darth Hater: “We also heard that in your dialogue system, you are tracking metrics on when people are pausing to see how long they’re taking to make decisions and things like that […]

The Secret World Interview

Funcom’s contemporary dark fantasy, The Secret World, is an MMO with a cliffhanger ending.  So says its creator, Ragnar Tørnquist.


Can you just explain the classless progression idea?

Tørnquist: We wanted to make a game system that was at home in the modern world.  We wanted to give people freedom to be what they want to be, and play how they want to play. Players will have a sort of deck of cards which will say how their character is going to be.  It’s much more dynamic than other such games, you won’t get stuck as the tank or the healer, and you should be able to contribute to the process and to the party no matter who you are. Clothes aren’t going to have stats – you can choose whether you want to wear sneakers and a T-shirt, or if you want full goth outfit, or a dress and high heels. All those things are possible, and they’re not going to effect how your character plays.

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