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Wizard101 Promotional Codes

To put a code in, go to the wizard101.com website and log in. Then press redeem card or code. The next step is to press button wizard101 promotional codes and to enter the´╗┐ code on the bottom. On the next screen press activate now and log into the wizard101 game.
NOTE: You cannot play the game while putting in codes or else it wont work. Also, you will be able to claim one code for same item per account.

castle– free house item
land – free house item
home – free house item

summer dragon– gives you the promotional Summer Dragon pet
(In order to ride the dragon, you must be a member and have completed almost all of dragonsypre. )

frog– 500 gold

Wizard – free low level necklace
spell – storm amulet
magic – storm amulet
gamma– free low level necklace
merle – free low level necklace
brock2009 – pet Death Scarab