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March 23rd Community Q&A

It’s time again for one of my favorite features on the SWTOR official site, Community Q&A. This week we learn a little about why Commandos and Mercenaries don’t get an interrupt ability, if there is going to be a longer period of time before hitting the “enrage timer” on certain operation bosses, if we are ever going to see […]

1.1.5 Patch Notes

PioWare relapsed the Patch Notes for 1.1.5 yesterday. Among the usual general bug fixes there were some updates included to get players ready for game update 1.2, as well as the inclusion of the much sought after /roll function.   Several high-end speeders have been reduced in price until 1.2, making this the optimum time […]

SWTOR Guild Summit Livestream Updates

The first official SWTOR GUild Summit officially kicks off today! As a special treat BioWare is going to be doing a livestream of today’s festivities starting at 10 am CST. Can’t catch the stream as it goes live? Don’t worry! We will be providing up to the minute details about the various reveals and facts […]

March 2nd Community Q&A

It’s Friday and that means it is weekly Q&A time from the developers over at BioWare. They only released answers to 8 of the community member’s questions this week but with them going over the limit every week up till now it is hard to complain about something like that, especially considering as we should […]

Ilum Not Working As Intended

      I rolled out on one of those many servers that have a vast faction imbalance in favor of the Imperials.   I knew well before launch day that the Imp’s would be the most played side in SWTOR. Though I had not gained Level 50 in beta, I was unsure how this […]