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Aion’s Spiritmaster Screenshots

Last week we wrote about Aion’s Mage subclass Spiritmasters. Although the Aion is still in its beta stage for EU and US players  the Aion’s developers have released four new screenshots for Mage subclass, the Spiritmaster.

While we are all waiting for the Fourth Aion Closed Beta Event on Friday, July 17, 2009, you should take a look at the higher level ‘pets’ screenshots.

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Aion’s Mage subclass The Spiritmaster

One of the fastest leveling Aion’s class are Mages with two subclasses Spiritmaster and a Sorcerer. The big difference between a Spiritmaster and a Sorcerer is the relationship between either of them with the elements. A Sorcerer is fundamentally a scholar. A Spiritmaster is an artist.  Spiritmasters have an instinctive rapport with wind, fire, water, and earth. They can coax fearsome elemental spirits into existence with the power of their charisma and their will, then send them hurtling toward their enemies. A Sorcerer could tell you what formula invokes the power of fire, but a Spiritmaster would just snap his fingers and order his Flame Spirit to attack.

More details about the Spiritmaster subclass