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Greg Zeschuk Leaves SWTOR, Stays in Bioware

There was a rumor floating around that one of the good doctors that founded Bioware has left after SWTOR layoffs in May. This has been denied by EA staff. Now, Eurogamer and Gamasutra are reporting that there was a change in roles, not as drastic as one of the founders leaving the company though. Dr. […]

Every Other Day

   SWTOR had regulare maintenance this Tuesday like almost every Tuesday since launch. They deployed a patch during this scheduled maintenance to fix some bugs and lower the level requirements for some legacy perks. Today is Thursday and they have maintenance again to fix the bugs they introduced with the patch they implemented on Tuesday. […]

Guest on SWATH Radio

   Several days ago, Crowley, from SWATHRadio.com (home of a SWTOR podcast), sent a call out on twitter to all SWTOR fans and fansites to participate in a megacast to discuss the going “free to play” news. I wanted to participate in that discussion. If there were a lot of people with varying opinions it […]

Lower Legacy Level Requirements

   With today’s maintenance we saw a patch being deployed for SWTOR. These small patches are usually not that interesting because they are just bug fixes or something similar. This time though we saw what might be considered a significant change for Legacy perks. A lot of legacy perks have had their Legacy level requirement […]


I would like to offer my sincerest apologies to anyone that ever decided to buy or spend any money on Star Wars: The Old Republic on account of my fansite influencing them to do so. I am sorry, I have deceived you into giving money for something that will be free in a few months. […]