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Come to the Dark Side

Some of you may know this, but the announcement that SWTOR is going free to play was made by Jeff Hickman. At the same time we found out that Jeff Hickman took Rich Vogel’s place as Executive Producer of SWTOR. Let me explain something. Rich Vogel was the game. That is how they presented the […]

EA Q1 FY13 Earnings Call Analysis

Before going in deep into making an educated opinion about SWTOR’s conversion to a F2P model I wanted to go over what happened at yesterday’s EA Earnings call. You can find the recording of the call as well as all the documentation at http://investor.ea.com/ . I will try and list the facts as they happened […]


   Yesterday’s big news in the Star Wars: The Old Republic community was that the game will be going free to play in November 2012. I did some research into how long it took for some more than average and some not so average MMORPGs to go free to play in the past. Results of […]

Free To Play

It has just been announced that less than a year since launch Star Wars: the Old Republic will be going free to play. They are adopting a hybrid model where you can choose to be a subscriber and get full access to the game or a free player and have (severe?) restrictions to what you […]

Why not Zoidberg?

   There is a recurring theme for me when I try to attack healers in any of the SWTOR warzones. They use the environment to their advantage. In Novare Coast they use the bunkers, in Voidstar they use the pillars and in Huttball they use those storage containers up on the platforms. They use them […]