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WoW: Cataclysm expansion announced

It has been made official – expansion no. 3 is on its way. Deathwing has risen once again shattering the world of Azeroth. The lands we came so accustomed to leveling our mains and alts will never be the same again. Main features are:

  • Two New Playable Races: Goblins and Worgen
  • level cap raised to 85
  • New Starting Zones
  • New Race and Class Combinations
  • New Secondary Profession: Archaeology
  • Guild leveling mechanism
  • New Starting Zones

You can watch the video below and we will keep you updated with new info as it becomes available. Damn it, I thought I got rid of this time eating evil that is WoW – but old tingling sensations have stired my spirits once again. Ah well ,at least there’s another fun thing to look forward to ./grin

Ulduar lands

World of Warcraft patch 3.1 has landed on the live servers after months of testing. It brings a whole new raid instance called Ulduar – prison and home to an ancient evil God that titans imprisoned. The patch also brings a lot of changes to the classes and the famous dual spec where you have two sets of talents and can switch between them whenever you like. Finally my priest can heal and melt faces at the same time (they just CBB™ (couldn’t be bothered) to tweak it or balance it anymore). Timing is impeccable as always. Everyone already did everything there is to do (or they wanted to do) and almost 90% of my guild hasn’t been online for weeks now. Now everyone will come back in a big tidal wave. You can read the full patch notes at the official WoW site and below you can enjoy the official trailer for patch 3.1: