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Apr 16 2009

Cities XL – City building MMOG?

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Want to step out of the same old fantasy/sci-fi niche into a different kind of Massively online experience? You spent days creating your SimCities back in the day? Monte Cristo, a French developer, might just have the right thing for you and its called Cities XL. It’s a city creation sim that will allow thousands of players to create their cities on the same planet and connect them and share the experience. They are promising some unique features that will surely bring a breath of fresh air to the genre that’s been lacking in recent years (Will Wright and Maxis just had to produce them Sims games and make gazillions dropping the SimCity franchise…).

Why are we talking about this at all? Well, Massively.com joined forces with Mote Cristo and are offering closed beta promotional codes. If you visit this page on Massively you can find in the artcle the link to the closed beta registration page along with the promo code that will make your chances of entering the closed beta much higher. There are videos and further information on the game so head on over to massively for your city building sim goodness.

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