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May 06 2009

Wizard101 May patch: Castles & Lands

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Wizard101 has announced the new housing feature called Castles & Lands. All players start out with a dorm room that they can immediately decorate. Upgraded housing can be purchased using in-game gold from vendors in each of the worlds. Players must be level 10 to purchase Castles & Lands. And be sure to prepare a lot of gold!

Players can teleport to their own house using the “Go Home” button, or over to a friend’s house via their Friends List. Look for the friendly turtles to start you on your way, but first Simeon in Ravenwood has a quest for players over level 15!

Once you’ve received a housing deed, you can move out of your dorm room and into a more luxurious Castle on a floating Island of your own! You can own up the three Houses plus your Dorm, and select your new house and select it just like anything else in your backpack.

When you click the “Go Home” icon, you will appear at your new home. You can always teleport back to the hub of the world you’re currently exploring, or use the World Gate on your Island.

If you’d like to move between homes or even return to your dorm room, just use your backpack to select the home of your choice. When you are on your private Island, you can return to your Dorm Room by pressing the “Go Home” button.



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