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How to Choose the Best Beard for You


A good dwarf, regardless of class, should be focused on one thing, his or her Beard. The Beard is the most vital part of a dwarf. It can be used for many things, and to add; it is quite attractive.

Picking the Appropriate Beard

Whether it be character creation, or at the Barber, a good Beard selection is beneficial to the overall well-being and success of your dwarf.

There are a few different things to consider when selecting your Beard style (that I will go into a bit of detail about later on), but there is one aspect that is most important, and that is the Beard’s innate power.

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Gnome gets ultimate power – kills all in WoW

Martin Fury

I always, always wanted to have a headline like that. And the most important thing is – it is true! Apparently, a gnome warrior named Karatechop (leave it to a gnome to have a name like that) on Vek’nilash server received by accident a GM only item pictured above. The item is called Martin Fury and its special property is to kill all enemies in a 30 yard radius. So what does a gnome do? Goes and earns some achievements ofc. He killed Malygos and cleared Uludar on heroic modes an d continued his “rampage on the World (of Warcraft) until he got perma banned. The best way to sum up my feeling about this whole thing are of course in the words of another (found as a comment on Kotaku)

Of course it was a f***ing gnome. They’re behind everything that’s wrong in Azeroth. Not the Scourge, not the Burning Legion.

It’s the g** d**n gnomes.

News spotted at Kotaku, while an interview with the “berserk” gnome can be read at the WoW insider. Oh yeah, the item itself can be seen at WoWDB.

Wizard101 Gift Cards

Online entertainment company KingsIsle Entertainment, Inc. has announced a gift card program for family-friendly hit game Wizard101, which recently surpassed two million unique users who have registered to play the game.

The $10 price point makes Wizard101 gift cards an affordable birthday gift, allowance treat, or a fun surprise for the in-game pet collector. Each card offers a limited edition collectible pet available upon redemption from one of four special sets: Protectors, Assistants, Adventurers, and Heroes. Pets from these sets will give players better powers such as increased accuracy, defense, damage, and a special spell card that can be used during duels.

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