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Volume II, Book 8 Known Issues

The Following are the known issues for Volume II, Book 8.

User Interface

  • Heavy fog will appear to render over all interface elements.


  • Players may be offered craft mastery quests they have previously completed. This is a display issue, your crafting mastery has not been impacted. Repeating the quest does not grant any additional proficiency.

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Lotro Book 8 Release Date for EU

While today is official release date for the next upcoming content Book 8: Scourge of Khazad-dum in North America, EU players will have to wait till Thursday 25th June.

An official announcement about Book 8 will be coming out within the next 24 hours or so, however I can tell you informally that we’re tracking releasing on Thursday, subject to a final green light meeting.
We’re also getting the final details from QA so I can finalise the known issues for the Book 8 patch and it’s worth noting at this point that there are some important known issues, which will be detailed in the announcement mentioned above.

For those wondering about the size of the patch it’s going to be about 650mb.

As for a standalone patcher, I’m afraid it won’t be ready for the Book 8 release but we are working with Turbine to get this to you ASAP. We’ll also have an updated Book 8 full client sometime next week, all being well.


Lotro growing, no merge servers plans


While several other MMORPGs had large servers merges in the past year, according to Turbine’s developers, The Lord of the Rings Online player base is growing. In fact there are 4 new servers between Russia and Korea.

While we never release exact numbers I can tell you that we’ve seen month-on-month growth in the Turbine-operated service all year. This ties in closely with a bunch of marketing programs we’ve been running – including the currently active Anniversary promotions. I can’t comment on behalf of our partners, but domestic growth + new markets + promotion in the EU means we’re hitting new peaks overall.

Between the obvious quality of the game and the clear value of our $9/$9 offer we’ve been making some big strides. We’re not sitting back and resting, however: There are new campaigns and promotions in the works to continue to drive this growth.