Monthly Archives: October 2009

Patch preview and more

Official Aion sites have released several news items I’d like to reflect on here. New patch 1.5.1 is in the works and Aion_Tamat was kind enough to let the community know what we can expect. There are some anti-griefing mechanisms included, item modifications and more anti bot/spam mechanisms introduced. We have put up our page for the 1.5.1 patch preview; please note that these are NOT final patch notes. We’ll keep you update if any other important notes are added.

There will be a small invasion on Dreamhack Winter, the well known LAN party held in Sweden, by the Aion community and staff. There’s a plan of introducing 16 fully decked out Aion gaming stations for anyone who hasn’t yet tried the game. Aion PvP tournament will also be held at the venue and prominent Swedish Legions and fansites will be present as well. Read the full news here.

In community news … I have come across this great little guide to Aether gathering with included macro for easing the gathering process. The guide is written by Adrian_dps and can be found here.

Last chance to upgrade Aion to Collector’s Edition

NCsoft has announced last opportunity to upgrade your standard edition version of Aion to the full collector’s edition:

If Due to an internal error that caused availability of the Aion Collector’s Edition Upgrade to end early, we’re restoring the ability to upgrade between 12:01 a.m. PDT on Thursday, October 29, 2009 to 11:59 p.m. PDT on Friday, October 30, 2009 (more). Please keep in mind that this will be the last opportunity you will have to upgrade to the Aion Collector’s Edition.

During the above listed 48-hour period, upgrades to the Aion Collector’s Edition will cost $10.00 USD and will include the digital in-game items found in the physical Aion Limited Collector’s Edition box.

Exclusive in-game items included:

– Black Cloud Wings (gives 40 seconds of additional flight time)
– Black Cloud Earring (gives an HP and an MP boost)
– Special character title (Settler of Aion) with stat boost
– Rich purple dye to tint 10 in-game items
– Two character emotes

Keep your eye on the NCsoft store this Thursday for your chance to upgrade to the Aion Collector’s Edition!

Site Migration

In order to provide better services for our visitors we have decided to move our website to a new server. Migration will start on Monday 26th October 2009. During this time, you may have difficulties accessing us while the DNS propagates. Many thanks for your understanding and apologies for any inconvenience.