Monthly Archives: October 2009

Patch is out

Following today’s maintenance we learn that a new patch has been applied to the servers. The patch brings more restrictions to low level players with hopes of suppressing spam by Kinah sellers. They will have to work harder now to be able to advertise. Also, several language corrections have been applied. Jasdemi, in his blog, covers all of the changes much better than we could, but we have the changes posted on our patch notes page.

Aion little surprise as Veteran Rewards

If you got an email about renewing your Aion subscription, don’t worry it’s not a spam. This is an official newsletter and all of us will get the veteran rewards during our 2nd month of Aion regardless of which version of the newsletter we have received.

Month 1 Veteran Rewards include:
• Inventory Expansion Ticket
• Exclusive Pop Legend Emote
• 4 Lodas Amulets
• 4 Revival Stones

We hope this will be Pop Legend Emote:

If you didn’t get the mail and if you want to get it in the future do the following steps:

1) Log in to your NCsoft Account pages
2) Go to Account Profile
3) Update Contact Information
4) Check the Newsletter checkbox

There will be more information about it on the website soon. The different versions of the newsletter are depending on some parameters and checkboxes of your Aion account. For the rewards it does not matter if you have already signed up for additional play time or you are about to so please don’t worry that you might miss out on something. Keep checking this page. It’s not very informative at the moment but it will be :)


Official US: LOTRO Lottery

Turbine has announced today something special for the North American Lotro players – Try Your Luck in Middle-earth. It’s still a beta feature but it’s possible to get an in-game perk for each of your characters just by looking for the Lottery…

Tuesday funnies and some grind tips


I am not a fan of large gaming network sites. They tend to be to impersonal. They tend to put their heart into the game only if its very successful and pays them big bucks. You can see bursts of activity on a particular subject when most advertisement bucks are spent and then everything seems to quiet down. There are, however, some high quality writers engaged in this process and they write for only the biggest networks out there. Great writers = great articles. I came across two very fun articles at MMORPG.ocm and that every Aion player should read in their spare time. Aion correspondent, Joshua Price, writes a list of 8 interesting ways to kill another player in the game’s PvP combat. With sentences like:

“… when that player meets you and cannot speak to you since each faction’s text appears garbled to the other, he’ll try to communicate to you in the next most effective manner: by hitting you.”

you know you’re in for a good read. In the meantime, TenTonHammer allowed itself to contemplate about Aion’s next expansion. Game being barely a month old in the western market makes us wonder: “What were they thinking releasing an article like that so early?”, but it turns out to be a very fun read:

“A constant refrain of the fantasy genre is to have an ancient evil spring forth and threaten the very existence of all in a realm. Say it with me, “You shall not pass!” With that out of our system, let’s review how an ancient threat may come back to haunt the factions already in turmoil in Atreia.”

On the other side of the mmorpg journalism spectrum are the mmorpg and Aion fan blogs. Keen, of the Keen and Graev dynamic duo, writes about how he finally found his groove in Aion once he started grinding. For those of you QQing about grind feel free to read his article, you might discover things you didn’t know before.

I wanted to pimp this little Aion fan blog for days now, because wife and I are at about the same stage as these two – Eltnen/Theobmos. Although the article is not much of a read, the screenshot provided mesmerized me for some reason. Go visit Aeroangel’s and Kryss’ of Elyos/Triniel blog here.