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News: Lotro Dev Chat Transcript

Today Warcry had the second Developer Chat about upcoming release of the next Lord of the Rings Online expansion, The Seige of Mirkwood. Some questions have been already answered in the previous Developer Chat, but there are also several interesting…

Official US: Lotro Skill Upgrades

Each class is getting either a new skill or skill upgrade at level 62. For the most part these new skills are focused on utility rather than combat. With all that said let’s look at the skill upgrades coming in Siege of Mirkwood!

Free game time and amazing Aion art

Patching in Europe did not go too smooth this Wednesday. Since the patch for improved performance and crysystem.dll crash had to be applied to the servers themselves, it was a bit trickier than just patching user clients. It took the whole night to be done and to apologize to its European players, NCSoft is giving one extra day to all its current EU subscribers. It might take up to 5 days to see the change on your account though, so don’t be alarmed if you don’t see it right away.

Aion’s very own community team put up another one of their Eye on Community articles on the official site (we were featured as well – wooooooo). The thing I really got impressed with were a couple of pictures made by an Aion fan on DevianArt. Artist known as nitro-killer decided to share its impression of Asmodians and Aion Love. It took him 5 days to complete the amazing Asmodians image. You can see both images bellow, but I recommend you go through his whole gallery at DeviantArt.

Aion Asmodians by *nitro-killer on deviantART

Aion love by *nitro-killer on deviantART

Aion Machinimas

Having impressive visuals Aion can be a great source for making impressive videos using in-game footage. The Machinima community seems to agree and first couple of videos have been released in the past 10 days. They are both music video types of things, but with great video editing and some nice effects.

First one is a Machinima made by Nill on the Kalil server during October – November 2009. Music in the background is “Blow me Away” by Breaking Benjamin.

The other hails from BaronSoosdon that has been making WoW machinimas for some time now. His previous experience clearly shows, as the video feels pretty epic. Compared to his WoW work, there’s an evident lack of Model Viewer for Aion that would greatly help making custom scenes with effects. Here’s what BaronSoosdon had to say about the video:

Some of you might know me from the WoW-machinima scene.

Well, now I present you my first (which also might be the last) Aion machinima. It’s a bit of a mash-up between a music video and an exploration piece.

The video is done in the style of my Unlimited Escapism (World of Warcraft) videos, but with more music video-styled editing.

Making Aion machinima is currently only limited to ingame filming since there is no model viewer of any kind.

You can find a downloadable FullHD 1080p version and a little writeup about making of this machinima on his blog.

Crysystem.dll crashes resolved?

Only after the patch has been applied and made available to the general public, have Aion community mangers explained that a possible fix for infamous crysystem.dll error during fort sieges has been included in the patch. We have added this information to our 1.5.1 patch notes page and bellow are the details

Optimizations have been made within the game to assist with the performance issues that characters experience during Sieges and other resource intensive activities

This should significantly cut down on the amount of CrySystem.dll errors that players have been reporting

If, by any chance, you are still experiencing crysystem.dll crashes you can let the Aion community mangers know in this topic on forums.