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The big gaming LAN party is being held in Sweden right now and NCSoft is representing in full. Aion_Ayase is there to promote Aion to the crowds, along with the Swedish fan community members that are enjoying the PvP tournaments. There is a 3v3 tournament and a FFA tournament going on and finals will be hosted on Saturday. If you are visiting by any chance, you will be able to find Tutty, since they are handing out pink squishable pigs to innocent bystanders :) . If you get a hold of one – we want pictures!

BTW, First FFA brawl was won by the community members (congrats) and they won some great swag from Razor and SteelSeries.

The full Aion agenda at Dreamhack can be found here.

Dreamhack Hall NCSoft Aion booth wins

Aion Attributes and Stats


The power to create and change stats and attributes is welcome in every MMORPG. While you are trying to get the best armor sets or weapons additional attributes will help you to be proud of your non-green/blue/orange items.


There are six basic class attributes:

This attribute defines a character’s basic physical strength and affects physical damage inflicted on enemies during combat.

This attribute defines character’s basic hit points and hit point recovery. You are always regenerating HP in and out of combat.

This attribute defines a character’s basic ability to evade, parry or block enemy attacks. When you parry an attack you still take damage but it’s cut by a certain %.

This attribute defines a character’s basic to hit and chance to critically hit an opponent while in combat.

Manastone ACCURACY
Value Range: +12-25
White Manastones: Even #s (+12, +14, +16, 18, 20)
Green Manastones: Odd #s (+19+21, +23,+25)

Spell damage and spell accuracy are affected by this attribute.

This attribute defines a character’s basic mana points and mana point recovery.


Physical Defense is a characters ability to mitigate melee and ranged physical damage. The higher this value the less damage taken when hit with physical attacks.

Evasion is your characters ability to dodge attacks. Evading an attack is the only way your character can avoid melee damage all together from an attack. Spells and ranged attacks can sometimes miss you, however, that is based on the character or NPC’s Magic Accuracy rather than your Evasion.

Manastone EVASION
Value Range: +4-15
White Manastones: Even #s (+4, +6, etc.)
Green Manastones: Odd #s (+11, +13, etc.)

Block is your characters ability to block and reduce damage from attacks. Blocking an attack requires that you have a shield equipped. Depending on the attributes of the shield, you may see more or less damage reduction.

Parry is your character’s ability to defend itself with weapons. When a parry is made your character will still take damage however it will be at a reduced percentage.

Manastone Parry
Value Range: +12-25
White Manastones: Even #s (+12, +14, etc.)
Green Manastones: Odd #s (+21, +23, etc.)

Magical Resistance is your ability to resist incoming spells. This attribute gives you the chance to avoid damage spells and debuff spells. This is also the only attribute that affects spells in this way.

Manastone: Magical Resistance
Value Range: +12
Green Manastones: +12

The higher this stat is, the less likely you are to be interrupted if you take damage while casting a spell


Attack is an attribute that modifies physical damage done by weapons and abilities. This attribute is listed in the Main Hand and Off Hand sections of the Profile Window.

Manastone Attack
Value Range: +1-5
White Manastones: (+1, +2, +3)
Green Manastones: (+4, +5)

Crit Rate is your chance to critically hit an opponent.

Manastone: Physical Critical Hit
Value Range: +4-15
White Manastones: Even #s (+4, +6, etc.)
Green Manastones: Odd #s (+11, +13, etc.)

Attack speed is the delay between each normal melee attack made by your character. Your attack speed decreases because you are mentally and physically exhausted. You can remove this abnormal condition by using physical magic or a potion.

Magic Boost is the modifier that increases spell damage.

Manastone: Magic Boosting Power
Value Range: +12-25
White Manastones: Even #s (+12, +14, etc.)
Green Manastones: Odd #s (+21, +23, etc.)

Magic Accuracy is your characters ability to hit a target. The higher this attribute the more often you will hit what you are casting spells at during combat.

Manastone: Magical Accuracy
Value Range: +10, +12
Green Manastones: (+10, +12)


Aion Massive Ban for Good Morning


Over the last week Aion team has been working on a list – who was naughty or nice. Ban Hammer Claus just came to town. Nearly 16,000 accounts have been removed from the game. If your account was banned, please read the following FAQ.

1. Why was I banned?

There could be many reasons your account was closed. If you did not receive notification of your violation via e-mail please create a support ticket and the violation will be explained to you. Please note that if your account was closed for the use of 3rd party software (botting) or participating in RMT (gold buying/selling) the evidence for the account closure was gathered over several weeks. It may be completely unrelated to what your character was doing right when your account was closed.

2. … but I wasn’t botting, buying Kinah or spamming advertisements! I’m innocent!

Any action that modifies the client or automates the same way a bot does could potentially flag an account as a violator. We do not use one specific instance to “flag” an account for botting or RMT. We use many instances to strengthen our conclusions. Please understand that it is not what “you” have done on your account, but what the account has done. If your account is shared, purchased, borrowed, or power leveled, it could be the actions of anyone who’s ever used the account.

3. I’m aware of all of the above, but I have never done any of it. Who do I contact?

To request a review, please create a support ticket.

We are taking a very hard stance on this issue and do have sophisticated processes and procedures in place that help us keep unwarranted banning to a minimum. If you believe you’ve been wrongfully banned, you can email us at, and we will review your account. Our goal is to ensure our legitimate players are having the best game experience possible. Please note that you don’t need to submit multiple tickets, as we will review a specific case only once. We obviously take these violations seriously, but also want to make sure that legitimate players aren’t banned unnecessarily.

AION Vision Movie

NCsoft has released new video – AION Never ending Challenge. It’s early to give the list of specific details but the video shows new content expansion, new underwater skills, housing system, mounts and amazing graphics. The question is how long we have to wait for this?

  1. Large Graphics Overhaul: Changing Seasons, Engine update
  2. Mounts: Single Player Mounts, Passenger Seat on Some MOunts, Combat Mounts
  3. Housing: Decorate them how you want, Personal Housing, Furniture
  4. New Skills
  5. New Weapons:  Whips,  Crossbows, Shields That Turn into Grappling Type Hooks, Massive Ground Sieges with massive Siege weapons.
  6. Swimming.
  7. Underwater Quest Hubs.
  8. New Hair Styles.