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Early Peek at the Friday SWTOR Developer Dispatch, Companions!

Tonight via the @SWTOR account on twitter I was made aware that Bioware is advertising a sneak peek at the Friday update, a Developer Dispatch having to do with companions. It is a great one in my opinion, over seven minutes of some of the developers talking about companions and the mechanics revolving around them.  […]

TOR Lore- Pulling a Bindo

  Back in my day we didn’t get no stinking Dark Side points just for falling in love!   Not long ago, the developers at BioWare hinted at the fact that pursuing romance options in The Old Republic will result in the player receiving dark side points. Almost immediately afterwards a debate broke out on […]

Eurogamer Expo and TOR

Latest Updates Tweeted by Chris Collins Tweeted by Antonio Moreno Tweeted by Antonio Moreno Original article Overlord, as posted by Stephen Reid   Eurogamer Expo is the biggest gaming convention in the UK. The Expo features playable versions of the most anticipated games for this Christmas and beyond. Star Wars: The Old Republic will have […]