Monthly Archives: December 2011

Naming Rules – Do You REALLY Know the Rules?

  EA/BioWare has published their Rules of Conduct: — Very important and useful documents that most players skip over in their excitement to get into the game. I’ve already covered the EULA in a previous Article Most of the rules are pretty common among MMOs, and if you are a veteran MMO player, you won’t […]

Galaxy’s Most Wanted: Drusylla

This week’s Most Wanted comes to us from the Dark Side. A long-time WoW player who traded swords for lightsabers and bows for blasters, Drusylla will be a great member of the SWTOR community.   What is your name and/or handle? My handle is Drusylla. I’ve had it for over 12 years. Bonus points if […]

So easy a troll can do it!

Since it is the holidays, and we are coming up on Launch Week, we will all start obsessing about ONE thing…   FOOD!   …What? You thought I was gonna say something else? What are you…gamers????   Well… even gamers need high-quality, easy-to-fix (or just tasty) morsels to fill their bellies between the slaughtering of […]

It Was The Friday Before Launch

It is three days before launch and it feels like Christmas. This Friday was the last that we’ll see a regular updated from Bioware took up an amazing responsibility of producing something newsworthy every Friday for about two years now and this is about to change because launch is upon us. To send off […]