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SWTOR Officially Launches in the Asia Pacific Territories

Today marks the much anticipated day where The Old Republic officially brought servers online for the OceanicĀ regions. Though players in those areas could play during the US/EU launch they were forced to log onto servers located across the globe, forcing them to deal with all the latency problems one would expect from not having servers […]

February 28th Maintenence

It’s Tuesday and you know what that means, time for some SWTOR server downtime. BioWare will be performing their weekly maintenance starting atĀ  2AM CST (12AM PST/3AM EST/8AM GMT/9AM CET) on the 28th and hope to be done by 6AM CST (4AM PST/7AM EST/12PM GMT/1PM CET) of the same day. As usual they cannot guarantee […]

AION Europe goes free-to-play on 28th February 2012

free to play model

Gameforge has released the official date for Aion’s European free-to-play model – it’s February 28th. English, German and French language versions of Aion client are available at the official website.
Gameforge also stated that the AION 3.0 patch will hit Europe in the spring 2012.

You are an AION player and have prepaid subscription fees that continue past 27th of February? If so, we will transfer your remaining game days into premium currency as compensation.

For every day paid for in advance, you will receive six AION Coins in your account. If, for example, you paid your subscription up to the 3rd of March, you have five remaining game days. This means you will receive 30 AION Coins, which you can spend to your heart’s content in our new shop.

So that we can give you your AION Coins, please give us permission to transfer your current account to the Gameforge servers by the 27th of February at 3 pm (GMT +1). To do so, log into your NCsoft master account and follow the instructions. We’ll take care of the rest!

Your AION Coins will be credited to your game account when the account is moved and will be available to you once you log in to the free-to-play version for the first time. Players with a transferred NC account will also receive Veteran status with enhanced functions. Find out more info here.

Community Q&A February 24th

It’s Friday and that means it is time for one of my favorite new things BioWare is doing these days, Community Q&A. They managed to go over 10 questions again this week, another trend I would like to see continued, and answered a range of questions from implementing a LFG tool, improving end game usefulness […]