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Ranked Warzones Will Not Be Included In Tomorrow’s Patch

BioWare announced today that the Ranked Warzones feature will not be included in tomorrow’s 1.2 update.   Despite some wonderful testing from volunteers on the Public Test Server it was decided that Ranked warzones is a feature that just needs a little more polish before it is released to the live servers. This was not a decision made […]

Patch 1.2 Overview

Release of the “1.2 – Legacy” patch is imminent. We have less than 12 hours remaining before it hits the live servers (you can read the full announcement here). This patch is one of the biggest patches in the history of MMOs and it will bring a whole lot of changes and improvements to Star […]

TOR Lore: 1.2 and You

Greetings once again everyone! You may have noticed that TOR Lore has not been appearing on the site for the past few weeks. This is because I need to retreat deep into my lore cave and recharge my geek power cells in order to keep bringing you all of the sweet lore tidbits that you […]

Aion 3.0 Patch Notes and server maintenance

NCsoft updated the Aion official site to announce that Aion servers will be down for maintenance from 5:00 a.m. Central Time, April 11, until 4:00 p.m. Central Time. Any updates to the schedule will be posted via Facebook and Twitter.

During the server maintenance the Aion website and forums will be unavailable. If you want to know what’s coming in today’s update check the Aion 3.0 patch notes in pdf format (13Mb).


Game Update 1.2 Coming On April 12!

BioWare updated the SWTOR site today to announce that we will be seeing game update 1.2 go live this Thursday, April 12th. After hinting several times that we would be seeing the update this week we are finally getting a release date, which coincidentally has the number 12 in in. 1.2 being released on the 12th, coincidence? […]