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Apr 01 2009

April Fools’ Day 09

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Second Life: Some of the most common gags that are going around this year

  1. Linden Lab sells Second Life, to any of the aforementioned candidates
  2. All free accounts that do not upgrade to premium will be canceled.
  3. Former US president George W Bush has been appointed the new CFO of Linden Lab.
  4. All scripted dance objects will force you to do the macarena.
  5. Linden Lab and Blizzard are collaborating on Second Life of Warcraft (AKA SLoW).

Guild Wars

When you log in today, you may notice your character looking a bit shorter and much cuter. As part of the April Fools’ celebrations, all characters appear as an anime-styled Gwen while in towns and outposts. Gwen, of course, has become the unlikely icon of the game, gaining almost a cult status.

WoW EU Under Development: P1mp My Mount!

Coming in a future content patch, we plan to bring you a new feature that will allow you to alter the color, the armor, or add decorations to your in-game mounts. Simply drop in to Zazzber’s Local Fix-‘Er-Up, pay a small fee, and leave your mount there overnight. The next morning, you’ll pick up a mount that is uniquely yours!



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