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Jan 15 2010

How to change armor or weapon type in Aion

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Apparently, we’re always looking for drops with better stats, but when we finally get them, it usually turns out to be of wrong armor or weapon type. Aion designers have provided a remarkable option that can solve this problem.

Armor Exchange

If you want to change your armor type you have to buy Daevanion’s Light for ~59,400 kinah. For Elyos go to Sanctum and buy it from divine accessory vendor Ophenes or Perena. For Asmodians, divine accessory vendors Gerad and Olda are located in Pandaemonium.

Aion1736 Aion1737 Aion1739

Your next destination is also in Sanctum (Pandaemonium) – inside the Training District (the area with all class trainers for lvl 1-25). There are two Priests next to the High Priest:
Sibylla, Armor exchange Priest and Aithra, Weapon exchange Priest,
(for Asmodians Narvi, Armor exchange Priest and Bor, Weapon exchange Priest).

Talk to Sibylla (Narvi for Asmodians) and she will give you an option to Exchange Regular Daevanion Armor. This is the exchange process and you will be asked which type and piece of armor you want to exchange.

Aion1728 Aion1729 Aion1730
Aion1731 Aion1732

Weapon Exchange

If you’re looking to exchange a weapon, the weapon NPC is in the same room, and you also need Daevanion’s Light for exchange process. Talk to Aithra (Bor for Asmodians), next to the High Priest, and she will give you an option to exchange Regular Daevanion Weapon. You will be asked which kind of weapon you have for exchange (magical or physical weapon) and what sub-type of weapon specifically (sword, greatsword, staff, polearm, etc.). You can also exchange a shield here.

Aion1733 Aion1734 Aion1735

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