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PvP: The Prologue

  Players who have played since launch already know the order of the planets near the beginning of your epic adventure. The Empire starts out either on Hutta (Imperial Agent and Bounty Hunter) or on Korriban (Sith Warrior and Sith Inquisitor) then moves on to the capital planet of Dromund Kaas. The Republic starts out […]

It Was The Friday Before Launch

It is three days before launch and it feels like Christmas. This Friday was the last that we’ll see a regular updated from swtor.com. Bioware took up an amazing responsibility of producing something newsworthy every Friday for about two years now and this is about to change because launch is upon us. To send off […]

Early Solo Play In TOR

  With the NDA lifted in TOR, I decided to take a big hit for the team and amassed around 70 hours of play time in the past week to get a good feel for the solo game-play.   First things first. Playing solo, or mostly solo, works very well. You will be faced with […]

Its Time To Welcome The WOW Players

Yeh that’s right that is me saying that and I still have the hate, a hate relationship with everything about the game. Blizzard may have done a great deal right yet this is no excuse for doing other things that are so wrong.   Leveling is a grind with little to no fun to be […]