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The Great Macro Debate

This will be my second time at getting this post out. The first I went too much into how other games have handled macros in the past. But after 3000+ words it was plain to see that other games can not and do not make a case for or against TOR having macros.   I’ve […]

TOR And The MMO Time-sink

    As far as mmo’s go time-sinks come in many forms. Raids, crafting, PvP and among the most popular. While these can be very entertaining and fun to boot, all they do is to serve one purpose and that is to keep the player playing.   This article will be complied from my knowledge […]

My Guild Hunt Runaround

    Over the past month or two I’ve been actively looking for a PvP republic hardcore guild to run with when TOR hits in a few months.   Now with the guild set-up that SWTOR has set in place you would think this was an easy task. Well thats what I thought when I […]

Staggered Early Access Nothing Has Changed

Stephen Reid has once again come to the forums and reaffirmed something that should not need to be said.   Since the pre-orders went out we all knew was that it was a first come first serve basis and that by entering your pre-order code would determine when you would gain access to the game. […]

Early Access Let The Speculation Begin.

It came in an instant we received the release date E-Mail and the posts went up on the SWTOR forums about when the early access would begin.   Now normally early access to MMO’s have been anything between 3 and 10 days before the release date or there about’s. As far as I know no […]