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So, What’s Next ?

    Many people will have noticed that the updates around TOR have been some what hit and miss over that last few months. But really what else can BioWare reveal without giving away those all important story spoilers.   Well we ain’t seen the Timelines updated for an age, and there is a few […]

Give Us The Wall Of Crazy

We have have very little in the way of new info when it comes to TOR of late. Huttball is the only thing since the map update, which in itself was not well received by the TOR faithful.         Before that you would have to cast your mind back to the 10th […]

Do You Find It Hard To Leave Your MMO ?

Most of us have been in the place when the mmo we are playing just ain’t fun anymore. Most of the friends you have made are all still playing, but not as much as they once used to. You’ve also been thinking of leaving for such long now but you are invested in the game. […]