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CitiesXL Build Your Dream Cities Trailer

Somehow I have missed this when news first appeared, but apparently a new trailer showcasing in game footage of CitiesXL got released a few days back. Worth checking out if you are interested in city building games combined with economy incorporating thousands of other players :).

CitiesXL Release date pushed

The city building sim gone Massive Multiplayer Online, Cities XL, has had its release date in Europe pushed to early October 2009. I, for one, welcome this because it is always better to not the release the game until it is completely ready instead of rushing it to the market and failing miserably. Gamers do not forget blunders like that (AOC anyone?). The official statement follows:

In order to meet high expectations for our upcoming next-generation city builder game Cities XL, Monte Cristo has decided to shift the release date to early October 2009.

Focus and Flashpoint will distribute Cities XL on October 8th in the following countries: France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Austria.

Also, Monte Cristo is proud to announce that we have signed a distribution deal with Namco Bandai Partners to distribute the game in the following countries: UK, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Italy on October 9; and Australia and New Zealand on October 8.

An announcement regarding North America publishing dates will come at a later date.

Cities XL: Solo and Online

The lucky beta Cities XL testers are being selected, and they will receive an email within the next 48 hours. As mentioned before, users of the promo codes got higher chances of being selected.
Official Beta registrations are now closed.

Few days ago Monte Cristo has announced that Cities XL can be played either in solo mode or in a massively multiplayer online mode. With a price point of 7€ for one month or 5€ per month for 3 months, the Planet offer offers tremendous value for money. There are countless hours of gameplay, fun and sub-objectives in the Planet Mode that players will discover with time.


More details about CitiesXL modes…

Cities XL French and German official release date

Few weeks ago we wrote about new concept of a city-building MMOG known as Cities XL. This MMOG is a city creation sim that will allow players to create their cities on the same planet and connect them and share the experience.

While the North American market is still waiting for release date, Monte Cristo Multimedia announced yesterday

Cities XL, the next generation city builder, will be released on september 3rd 2009 on PC DVD in the following countries: France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Austria, in French and German languages.

A release is planned for other countries in English language, we will announce a precise date as soon as possible.