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E3 Atmosphere Footage

Being the greatest gathering of Electronic Entertainment professionals, E3 surely has a lot to offer. We tried to capture some of the atmosphere from the show floor so you can get a glimpse at just how massive this event is. Here are some images as well as a video of E3 atmosphere with Bioware doctors […]

Day after Day 1 news

It is official. Jeff from TorWars.com is a pimp! How else would you describe a guy that went around the E3 show floor and took pictures of himself with the hottest booth babes around and called them all his “best new girlfriend.”? To view this gallery of awesome make sure you visit TorWars.com. They also […]

Live Blog E3 2011 Day 1 (Part 2)

Breaking News Raid info at Gametrailers.com; Belsavis has various enviroments (Snow, Jungle, Lava); Ancient prison from ancient race is on the planet; Belsavis trailer being shown.; Imperial vs Republic conflict compromised the prison; Guy that got released ruled 20.000 years ago over 10,000 planets; You have to defeat him. 4 minutes of gameplay footage from […]

Live Blog E3 2011 Day 1

Breaking News First Gameplay video from E3 JAWA COMPANION Live stream of Tatooine with Daniel Erickson and Stephen Reid has started at this page (2:05PM PDT) Patrick Buechner Marketing VP of Bioware and Dr Ray Muzyka will be hitting the SWTOR booth stage in 15 minutes (via twitter)(11:50AM PDT) Click for full size  First official […]