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Most Important June 7. Info

Today marks the official beginning of the 2011 Electronic Entertainment Expo. If you think that it will be hard to top the epic SWTOR trailer “Return” you might be wrong. What we have in line from E3 is a full day of end game, vehicle, Tatooine and hands on experience news. Here’s a chronological list […]

First impressions from the show floor

Omg is what I have to say at this point.  This town is not what I am accustomed to as a person who lives in the woods and normally has deer and squirrels for company.  This city is insanely busy and is definitely on the go.  I got here a few hours ago and got […]

Day 0 News and First Impressions

News is already starting to come in from E3 although it hasn’t even started yet! Unfortunately, a lot of sites are reporting wrong information so stuff like 4-man raids and experience with the Operation: Eternity Vault are all wrong. This puts a taint on what information is actually correct and what is a product of […]

New Screenshots Released

Several screenshots have just been released as part of the E3 2011 SWTOR media kit. They include in-game screens of Tatooine, Alderan “scenario” (all of these are entitled Ulgo .. make your own guesses here) and Vehicles (player mounts). Here are the screens: Tatooine Screenshots Alderaan Screenshots Vehicle Screenshots  


  June 6. 2011. is the date when last of the trilogy of cinematic trailers for Star Wars: The Old Republic got released. The name of the trailer is “Return” and it is arguably the best of the three and probably the best piece of Star Wars cinema since the movies. This will also be […]