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Pax East 2011: Guild Wars 2 Videos

Since we didn’t have an opportunity to play Guild Wars 2, we decided to post Gameplay Preview videos from the crowded floor at PAX East. We’ll be bringing more videos like this to you throughout the weekend, so stay tuned!

Guild Wars 2 Gameplay Preview – Thanks SgaapMS

Guild Wars 2 Gameplay Preview – Thanks L8S93

Guild Wars 2 announced

The “no subscription fee” MMO gets a well deserved sequel. I remember I liked Guild Wars when it first came out, but I was too deep into my WoW addiction at the time to really care enough :). Anyways, lets skip to the good stuff – the teaser trailer with some in game enviroments.

NCsoft and ArenaNet surprised and thrilled Guild Wars fans today with the world premiere of this video, the first Guild Wars 2 teaser trailer, at the GamesCom 2009 show in Cologne, Germany. See a glimpse of what’s to come in this much anticipated MMORPG sequel, set 250 years after the original Guild Wars. This teaser trailer reveals some of the world-shaking events that set up the story of Guild Wars 2 and also showcases the game’s fantastic graphics and environments…