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Lore: Nala-dum

Nala Dum

The Dwarves of Khazad-dûm were known as great craftsmen, with knowledge of seemingly magical arts. Among these were the great Water-works which funneled water from the mountains into the halls of Moria. The chief engine of this process lay within the chambers known as Nalâ-dûm.

After many long years of abandonment, lizards and rock-worms have nested in the works of the great water-wheels, bringing their function to a halt. There are rumours among the dwarves of the Iron Hill Garrison that something far more terrible than lizards dwells also in the halls of Nalâ-dûm. . . .

Players of The Lord of the Rings Online seeking a small fellowship challenge will be pleased with Nalâ-dûm. This instance features three-player content, two bosses, a hard challenge mode, and a radiance armour set piece, as well as a puzzle-based game mechanic.


The Timeline feature revealed

Star Wars: ToR official site released a very cool new feature called the Timeline describing events that led to the state of events we’ll encounter in the game. It covers events starting 32800 years in the past (force “discovered” on Tython), leading through emergence of Sith and the first Jedi vs Sith wars up to the events of Knights of the Old Republic and Raven’s adventures (very sweet for anyone that played KotOR). The first “video document” entry is about the Treaty of Coruscant, that seminal event that lays out the background for the game’s settings. The event so powerful that even the timeline is divided into BTC (Before the Treaty of Coruscant) and ATC (After the Treaty of Coruscant). To see the cool feature in action clickz0r herez0r!